Oil Painting Critique Service

Oil Painters of America offers artists the opportunity to have one’s work critiqued by a seasoned professional for a nominal fee. Artwork is critiqued by one of OPA’s Signature or Master Signature members who have volunteered their knowledge, experience and passion for oil painting to assist artists who are looking for constructive feedback and ways to improve their craft.

If you would like to have your work critiqued:

  1. Mail a $25 check ($50 for non-OPA members) payable to OPA
  2. Mail two identical discs containing 3-10 paintings of your most current work and a brief one-page bio. Mail to:

    Attn: Critique Services
    P.O Box 2488
    Crystal lake, IL

One disc will be sent to one of our Signature or Master Signature members for their review and the other will be kept on file. The volunteer critiquer will review your work and provide you with constructive criticism and feedback by either e-mail or phone, at the discretion of the assigned Signature of Master Signature volunteer. As you know, our volunteer critiquers are very busy, so please allow four to six weeks to receive feedback.